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Photographer Glenn Marcus


Glenn Marcus

Too many years experience, sometimes I feel like the old man behind the camera! I started with film and progressed to digital. My first camera was an 110 Instamatic. From there I thought I had entered a new work with a Yashica 35 mm film camera. I now use primarily Nikon digital cameras. Despite the camera, the photograph is created in the mind.

I enjoy using long exposure technique when appropriate and he has had the good fortune to be taught by leading photographers such as Marc Koegel for long exposure and others including Rick Hulbert and Olivier Du Tre - to name a few.

I am a member of the New Westminster Photography Club, and I enjoy the sharing of information that takes place with a photography club.

My photography centres on travel photography - traveling to Italy and France on a regular basis, as well as other countries. I am split between the appeal of landscape and urban photography. Each so different, but I enjoy them very much. A few years ago after being told - you never shoot people - I have been taking studio sessions and trying my hand with models.